What are the Dates & Hours of the Spring Parade of Homes?
May 15-16 & 22-23, 2021
1:00PM - 5:00PM (Saturdays and Sundays)

About the event
Tour newly built homes in all price ranges throughout the Sioux Empire. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in new homes to get ideas, meet with builders firsthand and catch up on the latest home decorating and design trends. 

What is a Parade home?
A Parade home is a newly constructed residential home. Although construction on most is 100% complete, others are still in the construction phase but are safe to tour. The purpose of the event is for our builder members to show off their work, allow the public to meet the builders of the homes and to allow the public to get ideas for their next home-related project.

Virtual tour option available for some homes
A handful of homes are available to view from the comfort of your living room from your computer. To see the list of homes that have virtual tours available, please use the all tour types filter dropdown option on the map on the main event page.

What does it cost to tour homes?
All homes are free to tour. Feature homes are $5 to tour if applicable.

Where do I buy tickets?
Tickets are not required

How do I plan which homes I want to visit?
Pick up your FREE issue of Home Ideas magazine at all Hy-Vee locations in Sioux Falls which lists details, maps and images of each participating home....or view the list of homes on the interactive digital map on this site.

Follow the orange directional yard signs (which are marked with the home's entry number and an arrow) throughout the Sioux Empire during the event - these will help guide you directly to each home. Participating  homes will have an orange string of flag pennants in front to signify it is a Parade home.

Begin at any home on the event - you do not need to visit the homes in numerical order. Homes are simply numbered in order of location.

Are all homes open during the event?
All homes are open during the event unless they are noted with a red 'CLOSED' banner on the interactive map. This event website hosts the most up-to-date list of homes to tour. 

Is photography allowed in the homes?
Ask the builder/ representative for permission before taking photos. This event is a great place to gather ideas for your own home but remember that these professionals put in many hours of work into creating these homes and some may request that no photos are taken.

Are shoes allowed in the homes?
Shoes are not allowed in homes and socks are required.
Due to this, consider wearing shoes that are easy to slip on.

Are food and drinks allowed?

Are the homes for sale?
Some homes are available to purchase and others are pre-sold where the new owners will move into the home directly after the event ends. Feel free to ask the builder upon entering the home. If you’ve found your dream home but it’s already sold, be sure to visit with the builder as often times they’ll be willing to build a similar home on a different lot.

COVID-19 Guidelines for touring homes
The safety of event attendees and those working the homes is of upmost importance. Please read all guidelines below as they're designed to help reduce the risks of exposure to COVID-19.

Do not enter the home if you are potentially sick. Those displaying coronavirus symptoms may not be granted access to the home. 

Seniors and those with compromised immune systems are suggested to not attend this event.

Maintain 6’ social distancing guidelines while waiting to enter the home, talking to those working in the home and while touring the home (including while following directional signs inside). This may require waiting to enter a hallway or a room until the group ahead of you 
has left the area.  

Due to the limited number of people that may be allowed in a home at a time and the natural reactions for children to touch surfaces, we ask that children not attend this event.

Refrain from touching anything in the home including all surfaces and handles. 

Carry your shoes with you as you tour the home since you’ll exit through a different door. Socks are required and you may not be allowed to enter if you don’t have any. 

We strongly encourage wearing your own facemask while in the home. 

Use the provided hand sanitizer to minimize the spread of germs. 

Your interest in this event is greatly appreciated. We hope you enjoy the tour while still being mindful of the current health situation we find ourselves in.