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The following directional sign layouts are available for you to print as needed based on the traffic flow of your homes. Printed signs will also be available during sign pick up.

Guidelines Poster (11x17) - PDF | Word Doc
Socks required to enter - PDF | Word Doc
No touching (fold in half for table tent) - PDF | Word Doc
Entrance (left arrow) - PDF | Word Doc
Entrance (right arrow) - PDF | Word Doc
Entrance (no arrow) - PDF | Word Doc
Exit through front door - PDF | Word Doc
Exit through garage - PDF | Word Doc
Exit (left arrow) - PDF | Word Doc
Exit (right arrow) - PDF | Word Doc
Exit (no arrow) - PDF | Word Doc
Arrow only (left) - PDF | Word Doc
Arrow only (right) - PDF | Word Doc


The safety of our members working in homes during the Parade of Homes as well as attendees touring the homes is of upmost importance. These safety guidelines below are designed to help builders reduce the risks of exposure to COVID-19 (coronavirus) during the event. As a participant on the Parade of Homes the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire is requiring Builders take the following steps: 

  • Stay home if you are sick. Have a partner, employee or realtor show the home. 
  • Encourage those working in the home to wear a facemask. 
  • Hang up signs at the entrance promoting 6’ social distancing while in the home. The association will provide signs during material pick up, but templates can also be found on event webpage if needed later.  
  • Limit the number of people allowed in each home to no more than four people per room with a room defined as a bedroom, office, kitchen, living room and/or dining room. As an example a four bedroom home with a finished lower level living room would be allowed 32 people in the home. The builder will be responsible to provide a worker at the home entrance to ensure this limitation is met. (If a builder needs assistance finding a person to work the consumer entrance to the home to ensure guidelines are met, please call the association office at (605) 361-8322 by Wednesday, June 3).  
  • Establish a waiting area outside with marked lines on the ground for people to wait at least 6’ apart before entering the homes. 
  • The association will provide a gallon of hand sanitizer (containing at least 60% alcohol) per home at material pick up. The person working at the home entrance will be responsible to squirt hand sanitizer into attendee’s hands before they enter.   
  • Offer consumers one way in and another way out to maintain social distancing guidelines. For example, consumers could enter through the front door and leave through the garage while carrying their shoes with them in the home. Consumers will be advised that socks must be worn to enter a home to aid in traffic flow.
  • Leave all lights on in the house as well as doors open (front door, patio doors, closet doors, etc.) to minimize contamination (unless weather does not allow for this).  
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched areas such as countertops, door knobs, stair rails, display areas, etc. Make sure to use personal protection equipment (PPE) when cleaning and disinfecting, such as gloves and eye protection.

Signs or table tents provided at material pick-up (and available on website):

  • Attendee guidelines sign (required to be posted at consumer entrance)
  • Table tent – Please refrain from touching surfaces 
  • Home entrance  (left arrow, right arrow and no arrow)
  • Home exit (left arrow, right arrow and no arrow)
  • Exit home through front door (take shoes with you)
  • Exit home through garage (take shoes with you)
  • Left and right arrows to direct consumer flow 

To reduce the spread of COVID-19 and maintain consumer traffic in homes during the Spring Parade of Homes, the awards judging and reception have been cancelled. 


Wed-Fri, May 13-15
Due May 15 (5:00PM)

Builders to proof Home Ideas program information and map online

Wed-Fri, June 10-12
Participants pick up yard signs and materials at the association office

Sat–Sun, June 13-14
Sat–Sun, June 20-21


Spring Parade of Homes™

Saturday, June 13

Builders’ Reception - The reception has been canceled for this Parade

Mon–Tues, June 22-23
Due June 23 (5:00PM)

Return yard & directional signs, excess magazines, etc to the association office
Builder will be invoiced $50 for each sign damaged or not returned by deadline